Software Design

At the heart of good software is good design. And good design for one technology such as Java or Lotus Notes does not mean it is good for another. At Versko we have been designing Java applications since 1999, and Lotus Notes applications from 1992, so if you are looking for a design services that deliver performance, scalability, robustness and maintainability, Versko can design software for your needs and within your design parameters.

Java application design, like so many other areas of design, can really only be taught beyond a certain point by experience. The challenge is that as the Java standard develops, so do the design principles. At Versko we work continuously on Java projects and with Java standards and offer the most up-to-date design service to customers looking to embark on Java projects for the first time, or the seasoned professional looking to improve performance with an upgrade to the framework. Whatever your situation, Versko will provide a design that prevents poor performance, excessive maintenance and over costly infrastructure, saving you time, money and reputation.

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino now in Release 7 has seen many changes and developments since we started Notes development on an R2 version for Compaq in the early 90’s. The introduction of scripting in R4, sophisticated integration tools such as Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) and most recently partial support for Java has meant that Notes remains at the top of the groupware league. Notes is still the leading messaging, collaboration and communication tool available. However with sophistication comes inevitable choices and complexities. Versko has nearly 15 years experience of the use (and abuse!) of this unique product and at Versko we can design out the bad and design in the good aspects of Notes and associated add-ins and provide you with a solid, performant and world-beating collaboration tool that will make a significant positive impact on your business.