Project Audit

Need some independent help to find out where you really are? It is a very delicate subject, but when you feel or know that things are not as they should be, who do you ask for advice? Versko provides independent advice to customers when projects are behind schedule. This is discreetly and sensitively performed helping customers learn the truth. From the ‘real position’ we empower the customer to make informed decisions regarding the way forward.

Versko can provide audit services from ‘behind the scenes’, working with the customer representative to help ask the right questions and interpret the results. Alternatively, Versko can act overtly, often as a consultant, observer or project manager in order to determine the position. Either approach helps ease the customers position by establishing the accurate position of a project.

Audit services also extend to a remedial action plan. This plan completes all the aspects of the audit.
1)Establish the Position
2)Explore Options and Impacts
3)Implement Remedial Plan

All of Versko’s Audit Service engagements are conducted in a confidential and discreet way allowing all stakeholders an unbiased position in the process.