IBM Optim

Test Data Management, Test Data Privacy and Data Growth Management

Optim software streamlines the process of creating test data from large, often complex, databases. Optim quickly and most importantly accurately is able to create a sub-set of relational data which retains structural and data integrity allowing in-house development teams to test faster, more often and with greater confidence.

For organisations that out-source data development and are required to produce test data that is fit for purpose, Optim can eradicate all test data production errors and subsequent associated costs, and speed up the testing time cycle.

Optim software works with all major databases including IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Amdocs and most other major database vendors

Top 5 reasons to implement IBM Optim software
1. Reduce costs – Optim reduces the time to create test data
2. Shorten cycles – Optim can react faster to iterative testing cycles
3. Comply with Data Privacy Laws – Optim ensures that your test data comply with all current industry and legislative laws
4. Control your data growth – Optim provides an alternative to expanding your data centre capacity by intelligently archiving your data
5. Cost effective – Optim can reduce costs by 95% in test data management and eliminate the risks and costs of non-compliance with data privacy laws

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