Managed Services

Versko provide a one stop solution for customers looking for an application outsource service

Application outsourcing benefits customers by providing a fixed cost for providing application functionality to the users’ desktop. All responsibility for the delivery of the application to the user is with the outsource provider who manage all the contracts and relationships crucial to the delivery and take responsibility for the performance of the technical compcol-sm-1nts and the inter-operability of these components.

Versko delivers a higher level of service to application users, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to in-house managed solutions. It is an ideal choice for mission critical applications with elements supplied by multiple vendors.

In summary the advantages are:-

Reduced cost of ownership

Predictable managed service costs

Long term staffing requirements removed

Time demands for support reduced or removed

Case Study Summary

Customer of Versko has 3 database servers (live, reporting and backup) 3 WebSphere Application servers and 3 Webservers connected to 200 retail locations via. secure VPN. The application is used 18 hours a day, 6 days a week. Versko are responsible for application delivery and all support to users. Application delivery responsibility includes connectivity, all server hardware and server software, base software (such as Linux and Websphere) and bespoke Java code.

The solution has been live for over 3 years and has transacted £50M in sales to over 75,000 customers. Transactional volume during the same period is over 3.2million and there has been 22.4million database updates. Service level attainment has been better than 99.999%.