IBM WebSphere Portal

Versko provide IBM WebSphere Portal development services across a range of industries based in the UK. Our most recent engagement involved the migration of legacy applications into a WebSphere Portal solution for the finance sector. The solution incorporated 15 applications some of which were re-written, some ‘wrapped’ into a portlet and some merged into a new solution. The effect was a more responsive system which made our customer easier to do business with and subsequently increased existing customer satisfaction and attracted new business to the client.

IBM Websphere Portal version 6 is IBM’s most complete and powerful offering to date, a position, according to Gartner, making IBM Websphere Portal the leading portal technology available today.

Versko has been working with Websphere for over 6 years, and with WebSphere Portal since release 5. The latest version release 6 is being deployed at Travelers Management where the system integration capability is being used to combine 12 previously separate systems into one Extranet based financial services portal.

It’s not just technical capability, IDC ranks IBM Websphere Portal as market leader in terms of sales volume and revenue as well.

Release 6 of Websphere Portal makes it easier than ever to integrate your applications together into one contextual workspace. The benefits are:

Improved efficiency and productivity by organising the workspace more effectively – putting the right information into the right place at the right time.

A more responsive organisation both in terms of service delivery and application productivity.

Role based workspace enhances user experience making systems easier and more powerful to work with.

IBM Websphere Portal Server, Expand and Extend versions form the basis of the product for Enterprise customers (+1000users), and Portal Express for small to medium sized businesses or departmental within larger companies provides a range a versions for different organisations.