Java bespoke solutions

One of Versko’s core offerings is in the Java development services providing design, development and hosting of bespoke Java applications. Many of the other services we offer make up part of this overall offering, such as design and project management, but over all this is the main activity.

Versko specialise in taking a customer through a series of basic steps that de-risk the project from both sides. The process has worked time and time again and with only minor modifications has helped Versko deliver consistent performance from the development team. The system has three steps. The first step is a workshop, the output from which is a Project Charter that includes a scope of work and a budget cost. The second phase is detailed analysis the output of which is a Functional Description and Requirements Analysis, and a final development budget. The third phase is the Development Phase, the output is the final product.

There are many ways, methods and technical standards to choose from in the design and development of an Enterprise Java solution. At Versko we know we can deliver you a business application based in Java that will be on-time, on-budget and on-specification because we have done it, and are continuing to do deliver. Versko can offer scalability, maintainability and robustness intrinsic to our solution framework.

Most of our Java solutions are based on either IBM Websphere or IBM Portal products. Most recent experience is in the design and development of a sophisticated financial services portal bringing together 12 separate systems into one portal servicing the IFA community in selecting and managing risk insurance.

Versko offer Extended Warranty on all our systems for peace of mind and guaranteed service. Our Managed Service offering hosts and supports your application allowing you to focus on your business rather than your systems.