Application Outsourcing Support

IBM report more than 72% of eMail outages last more than 4hours – it’s a fact that eMail has become mission critical to many organisations and with more 50% of companies having experienced a failure in the past 12 months.

One of the challenges of Lotus software infrastructures is that the rich application environment is one of the areas of significant investment, with many organisations businesses running not just on Lotus based eMail, but on the wider range of Lotus software such as Sametime and Quickr. Many organisations also have packaged products and bespoke applications delivering important or crucial business functionality to the organisation.

Versko can deliver all the services required to outsource as little or as much of your Lotus based systems, either from our data centre or from your facilities, or a combination of both. We have the expertise to provide a totally secure solution, at a fixed inclusive price backed with a financial guarantee. With prices starting at £9.99 per user per month, give us a call on 0141 331 4370.