Watchguard UTM & NGFW

Security Subscriptions

Versko can help you secure your business against the growing threats on the internet, a Watchguard deployment at your network gateway is the best place to start.

  • Application Control

    Application Control is a subscription for WatchGuard® XTM appliances that enables policy-based monitoring, tracking, and blocking of over 1,800 Web 2.0 and business applications.

  • APT Blocker

    WatchGuard APT Blocker goes beyond signature-based antivirus detection, using a cloud-based sandbox with full system emulation to detect and block advanced malware and zero day attacks.


    WatchGuard XTM DLP is a subscription-based service for XTM appliances that scans email, web, and FTP traffic for sensitive data to prevent costly data breaches.p>

  • Gateway AntiVirus

    Gateway AntiVirus is a security subscription for WatchGuard® XTM appliances that identifies and blocks known spyware, viruses, worms, trojans, and blended threats in real time.

  • Intrusion Prevention Service

    Intrusion Prevention Service, a signature-based subscription for WatchGuard® XTM appliances, protects against a broad range of threats including SQL injections, DoS, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflows.

  • LiveSecurity® Service

    LiveSecurity® Service from WatchGuard® provides high-value, innovative support services to IT administrators, including hardware warranty, rapid-response technical support, software updates, concise threat alerts, and security education resources.

  • Reputation Enabled Defense (RED)

    Reputation Enabled Defense is a security subscription for WatchGuard® XTM appliances that ensures a fast, secure web browsing experience using a cloud-based URL reputation lookup.

  • spamBlocker

    spamBlocker is the best in the industry at distinguishing legitimate communication from spam outbreaks, blocking unwanted emails and the viruses they carry with near 100% accuracy.

  • WebBlocker

    WebBlocker is a URL and web content filtering subscription for WatchGuard® security appliances that blocks HTTP and HTTPS access to malicious or inappropriate web content.

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